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This month’s top tip comes from Mike, one of our expert Customer Service Support Technicians based in our UK office in London.


As an administrator, the Audit Tracking report gives you great visibility over your company and can save you lots of time in troubleshooting queries. There are over 40 different areas of the site that are monitored with clear information to allow you to see what’s happening.


Many events within Spendvision can be captured at a high level with the user that performed the action and corresponding time stamp. The Audit Tracking report allows you to display that information in an easy-to-read table. You can use it to see anything from Manager changes to coding transactions and can be especially useful for when the auditor comes knocking!


When enabled, Audit Tracking will appear under the “Usage & Monitoring” header in the Reports section. From there, simply select the audit area you would like to display and click “Search”. You can also refine it by searching for an individual employee or by date.


If you would like to learn more or get the Audit Tracking report turned on for your instance, contact our Customer Support Team who will be happy to help.

LATEST NEWS New look Spendvision goes live

Our new look user interface has just gone live in our latest release on 12 December 2011. As well as new branding.

Spendvision is now even easier to use with more intuitive menus and simpler navigation, action flags, clearer report parameters and improved statement page display (especially on mobile devices).


For full details and detailed screenshots check out the Spendvision User Interface Changes document. If you have any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager.


Global vehicle manufacturer Scania has been using Spendvision since 2007 and is a great example of automation at work. Scania Australia annually saves an average of $65,000 on internal processes and bank rebates.

With 300 cash users and 200 card users, good transaction management is essential. This is made possible through:


Single sign-on

Spendvision is accessed through the company intranet so there's no administration around username and passwords, freeing up valuable time.

Transaction capture

Spendvision manages a range of transactions from basic expenses and low value purchases through to vehicle parts and subcontractor services.

Simple coding

Spend Wizards help end users to code transactions quickly and accurately. They are invaluable for the finance team, with important asset purchase information collected, extracted and used to update Scania's asset register.

Reporting efficiency

Management use expense reports to gain a clear view of all corporate expenses. Reporting is also used to negotiate supplier discounts.

To find out more about the Spendvision features mentioned above and how you can benefit from them please contact your Relationship Manager.

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